Quadrille in Two Times is a stage work that combines (folk) dance, live music and documentary video and sound material. Furthermore, the piece serves as a collision point between the past and the present. A group of dance artists, a folk musician finishing their artistic doctoral degree, a sound designer and a documentary director settle into a dialogue with tradition, from the present moment and their own individual viewpoints.

In the piece, the meeting place between the past and the present takes form in the phenomenon called the quadrille. Quadrilles are figure dances that originated in the French courts and from there spread around the rest of Europe, eventually becoming popular also among ordinary people. Quadrilles arrived to the Finnish region both through Sweden in the west and across Russia in the east. In 2017, the working group familiarised itself with the Finnish quadrille tradition by dancing different types of quadrilles as well as exploring the archive materials of SKS (The Finnish Literature Society), KAVI (National Audiovisual Institute), YLE (The Finnish National Radio) and the Finnish National Archive pertaining to the subject of Finnish dance and music tradition.

In relation to these fragments, a stage work was created in 2018.

Quadrille in Two Times opens up a peephole in the shape of a performance into the Finnish music and dance tradition while simultaneously shedding light on the process of creating a performance and 'curating material'. What happens when documents born in different times and different kinds of societies are brought to the centre of an artistic process? How do folk dance and folk music feel? Who decides what is shown and what is left out of the frame?

Concept: Outi Markkula
Choreography: trad. / group
Dance: Hilppa Herd, Emilia Lajunen, Outi Markkula, Saara Mikkola-Ylitolva, Kalle Pulkkinen, Katriina Tavi, Jukka Tarvainen
Music & arrangements: Emilia Lajunen (fiddle, nyckelharpa, vocals)
Sound desing: Mitja Nylund
Directing, filming and editing of film sequences / performing with live camera: Juhani Haukka
Costumes: Hilppa Herd, Saara Mikkola-Ylitolva
Light consultation: Alina Pajula, Tuomas Laitinen
Choreographic consultation: Laura Lehtinen, Marjo Kuusela

Duration: 1 hour
Production: Väkevä Collective & Routa Company
Supported by: Finnish Culture Foudation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland
Premiere: March 10th, 2018, Generaattori, Kajaani
Performances 2018: April 12, Helsinki Music House; April 21-22, Generaattori, Kajaani